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Mechanical Felling Wedges

We are the sole UK distributor of the Forstreich award-winning TR24 and TR30 Mechanical Felling Wedge, offering many advantages over both the classic hammer/wedge and hydraulic options.

Forstreich's original ratchet driven wedges are now superseded by the AQ impact drive versions. Although it is still possible to attach a ratchet if required.

The wedges are compact and lightweight, with an ergonomic design making them an effective and easy tool to use. The wedge itself is made of aluminium and tough polyamide.

Replacing the classic felling wedge, they offer a far less labor intensive option for the professional tree feller. The impact wrench powered wedge is driven by a threaded spindle for between 12 and 25 tonnes of lifting force. Eliminating the need for heavy hammering on the basic plastic or wooden wedge also reduces their replacement costs. The mechanical wedges with their vibration-free operation also reduce the risk of falling branches or treetops, which is especially important with ash die back resulting in weak and brittle branches.

With a different design to the hydraulic wedges on the market, they require very low maintenance as well as being considerably lower in weight and cost.

Forstreich wedges are CE marked and delivered ready for use, complete with impact socket and operating instructions. Built with high strength materials for product durability, if well maintained they are an investment that will last, whilst making your job that much easier.

Available in stock for next day delivery. Customer feedback is that the Forstreich is a quality tool not to do without!


Award Winning

The TR30 was awarded the KWF Innovation Award at Interforst 2014, along with the KWF ‘Professional’ Test Mark, being referred to as "a contribution to the improvement of productivity, ergonomics and safety in falling of heavy timber." 

Compact design, yet tuned

for maximum performance!


Compact & lightweight design

Saves time & muscle power

Vibration free felling

Great ergonomics due to high lifting force

Easy to use

Strong & durable build quality

Supplied ready for use with high impact socket

The TR24-AQ/HD: Impact Drive Version

The TR24-AQ and more powerful TR24-HD version are specially designed for use with cordless impact wrenches, supplied ready to use with a high impact socket. The extendable ratchet is no longer available (although cutomers are free to fit their own if required). Both benefit from a compact design and low weight. Even with the addition of the impact wrench it is all lightweight enough to be comfortably carried on the forest belt.

For the perfect power to weight ratio, Forstreich recommends the Milwaukee M18FMTIW2F/P (745 Nm). Although the TR24-HD version can be used with impact wrenches from 300Nm - 1000Nm.


Max. Compressive Force: 12 Tonnes
Weight Without Driver: 1.9 kg
Max Lift: 4.0 cm
Max NM: 750 Nm


Max. Compressive Force: 16 Tonnes
Weight Without Driver: 2.1 kg
Max Lift: 4.5 cm
Max NM: 1,000 Nm

TR24 Carry Bag

The TR24 can be carried comfortably and stored securely in its specially designed belt bag, for added convenience.

The TR30-AQ: Impact Drive Version

The heavier duty TR30-AQ has been designed as an alternative to strenuous wedging when felling thicker stems of wood, yet still featuring a compact and light design weighing only 4.2 kg and giving a compressive force of up to 25 tonnes.

Designed for use with cordless impact wrenches, it is supplied ready to use with a high impact socket. The aim was to develop a robust and lightweight felling wedge, since of course the cordless impact wrench adds further weight. The result is the TR30-AQ with the proven components of its predecessor, the original TR30. If required, we can also supply an easily interchangable telescopic ratchet via Forstreich.

Unlike for the smaller model, we do not offer a carry bag for your belt, but it does benefit from an intergarted carry handle.

For the perfect power to weight ratio, Forstreich recommends the Milwaukee M18 ONEFHIWF34 (1,627 Nm).

Forstreich's TR30-AQ leads the way against the rest in terms of performance, lifting height and weight.


Max. Compressive Force: 25 Tonnes
Weight Without Driver: 4.2 kg
Max Lift: 6.0 cm
Max NM: 1,627 Nm


NB: The Forstreich mechanical wedge does not offer a replacement for wire ropes, winches or other safety systems. Only to be used on trees that may otherwise be felled by regular wedges. Should only be used by trained and competent professionals.