Mechanical Felling Wedge


Mechanical Felling Wedge

We are the sole UK distributor of the Forstreich award-winning TR30 and TR24 Mechanical Felling Wedge, offering many advantages over both the classic hammer/wedge and hydraulic options.

They are compact and lightweight, with an ergonomic design making them an effective and easy tool to use.

Replacing the classic felling wedge, they offer a far less labor intensive option for the professional tree feller. Driven by a threaded spindle for between 8 and 15 tonnes of lifting force, and now in impact driver AQ verison also for even less operator effort. Eliminating the need for heavy hammering on the basic plastic or wooden wedge also reduces their replacement costs. The mechanical wedges with their vibration-free operation also reduce the risk of falling branches or treetops, which is especially important with the current ash die back problem resulting in weak and brittle branches.

With a different design to the hydraulic wedges on the market, they require very low maintenance as well as being considerably lower in weight and cost.

Forstreich wedges are CE marked and delivered ready for use, complete with integrated telescopic ratchet and operating instructions. Built with high strength materials for product durability, if well maintained they are an investment that will last while making your job that much easier.

Award Winning

The TR30 was awarded the KWF Innovation Award at Interforst 2014, along with the KWF ‘Professional’ Test Mark, being referred to as "a contribution to the improvement of productivity, ergonomics and safety in falling of heavy timber."

The KWF is the competence centre for forestry work, forestry technology and wood logistics in Germany and Europe. The KWF is the only organisation that examines and certifies forestry technology, tools, supplies and protection equipment at the national and transnational level. KWF grants the coveted trade-in value mark, the KWF test mark.

Hydraulic Wedge Comparison

As well as the traditional hammer/wedge type, the Forstreich T24 and T30 offer benefits over the hydraulic types also available. The advantages over the hydraulic Fällkeilen (pictured) are that they are:

  • More portable & significantly lighter weight (TR30 is almost half the weight, and TR24 only a third of the weight)
  • Lower price (TR30 is almost half the cost, and TR24 only a third of the cost)
  • Safer and easier to operate
  • Favorable ergonomics with telescopic articulated ratchet
  • Easier maintenance, requiring only greasing and visual checks for wear