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Pezzolato are a well established Italian based company offering an extensive range of wood conversion equipment. As an internationally recognised brand, they are well known for the build quality of machinery and their quality of production, as well as their innovation and excellent in-house R&D. With a strong confidence in the brand, to date we ourselves run a variety of four Pezzolato machines in our own timber and wood fuel businesses, the first purchased almost 15 years ago.

All Pezzolato machines can be tailored with a variety of options to meet your exact specification, so please be sure to discuss what is possible with us.

Pezzolato offers a range of product lines. We deal with the REDLINE: Machines and equipment for firewood production.

We can also supply spare parts for all of the product lines, including the compost shredders, PZ and H disc chippers. Many of these machines are still working and topping 20 years of service! Please contact us with any of your spare parts enquiries so we can do our best to help.

Firewood Processors

Discover the line of professional machines and plants dedicated to the preparation and production of high quality firewood.

Pezzolato’s Red Line industrial plants allow you to process firewood efficiently, reliably and safely, guaranteeing high productivity and an excellent return on investment.

For over forty years, Pezzolato has been designing, building and installing plant solutions from standard modules and components to fully customised solutions.

Constant attention to customer needs and fruitful cooperation with specialised distributors all over the world have allowed Pezzolato to develop a solid know-how, which makes the Italian company a reference point in its sector.