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The GB XV Harvester Bar

GB® XV®, The legend just keeps getting better!  With the introduction of the all new Titanium®-XV® bar, GB® has once again proven that they continue to be the industry leader. The new XV® model is available in .404" bars and is the standard that all other bars will be held to.

With a newly designed ultra-high strength Titanium® Alloy Steel bar body the new XV® is still the hardest bar available today!

For decades GB® bars have delivered the highest quality alloy steel. Combined with real Titanium®, this high grade alloy steel is extremely durable and has been proven to be the strongest harvester bar available, resulting in fewer bends and increasing run time for operators.

The newly designed GB® Titanium® -XV® professional harvester bar comes with a 15 tooth nose sprocket, which allows for higher chain tensions that improve efficiency.The large nose and sprocket allow the chain to slow down by reducing RPM’s and ultimately extends the life of the tip.

The unique oil feeder grooves deliver lubrication to the premium bearings which not only extends the life of the bar but also reduces the risk of nose spreading.

When partnered with the drive sprocket the marriage is complete and maximum performance is attained.

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GB Harvester Bars

GB® Professional Harvester Bars .404" pitch are designed with mounting configurations to fit most forestry harvesters. Please contact us with your machine requirements. Available in narrow, medium and wide tail, we hold stock for collection or delivery.

Replaceable Noses

Featuring advanced 15 tooth sprocket, “Lube Direct™” oil feeder grooves, premium roller bearings and hardened high tensile rivets.

Harvester Drive Sprockets

Lighter and better balanced than other sprockets, they boast a very high surface hardness and offer the user longer life and performance.