FH Skyline Carriages

FH Bergwald Skyline Carriages

Franz Hochleitner's Bergwald carriages are characterised by their robust construction, using high quality materials. The design offers longevity along with low maintenance.

All Bergwald carriages are equipped with a traction rope clamp, rope rupture protection with cable rope break, 4 rollers for smooth saddle crossing and anti-twist protection of the load hook.

Bergwald Carriage

  • Constructed of high-tensile steel, four times stronger than conventional steel.
  • Operated with remote control, enabling the operator to stop and secure the carriage at the exactly right location.
  • The mainline clamp allows the carriage to be released while the load is raised or lowered, permitting movement to a new location and re clamping to the cable. This facilitates the sideways pulling of the load and protects the remaining timber growth from damage.
  • During travel of the unit, the hook and load is secured against rotation, preventing damage to the mainline.
  • The carriage travels over the Wyssen saddle.
  • The mechanical mainline safety feature activates an emergency stop if the mainline is ruptured.

The HYBRID models additionally offer mainline spooling via an electric motor. This modern technology of course offers additional benefits:

  • Easier and safer mainline handling
  • Radio controlled activation of spooling by the electric motor.
  • Due to the integrated generator, the battery lasts for days, charging via the lifting of the mainline
  • Smooth and silent spooling process.
  • Integrated safety clutch to protect the electric motor.

Bergwald Carriage IN VIDEO:


BW 3000

The Bergwald 3000 is a very compact carriage, particularly suitable for thinning works. Precise work is possible even along the narrowest route, since the carriage can also be moved on the carrying cable during picking. With its low weight of approx. 200kg, the Bergwald 3000 is easy to maneuver and thus offers ergonomic advantages during assembly.

  • Lightweight construction
  • Super compact carriage


The Bergwald 3500 Hybrid is very lightweight, suitable for both 2 and 3 rope operation. The electro-spooler ensures excellent ergonomics. The rope rupture device with auto-pick-up and track monitoring offers maximum safety at work. Being highly robust and with maximum flexibility, it has an unwinding force of 400Kg. 

  • Mainline spooling with electric motor / generator
  • Lightweight construction

BW 4000 SMU

The Bergwald 4000 SMU is a circulating carriage that can be used uphill, downhill and horizontally in 2-rope, 3-rope and 4-rope mode. The patented wedge disk, which makes operation in the circulation system possible, is revolutionary in the field of trolley technology.  With a payload of 4 ton, it is a universally applicable device that meets the highest demands. The double rope rupture protection on pull and return rope also serves as a safety device.

400 SMU

BW 4500

The Bergwald 4500 has proven it's worth under difficult conditions. The extreme load capacity up to 8 tons, the exact processing and the sophisticated technology all offer the operators maximum safety.  The Bergwald 4500 is also very popular for the transport of various materials and heavy loads, as well as timber. Particularly noteworthy are the carriage's low maintenance requirements and its high durability.

  • Extremely rugged construction
  • Low maintenance


The Bergwald 5000 hybrid plus, is the most powerful of the range. Still with a compact and low weight design, it also offers the modern HYBRID technology making it suitable for both 2 and 3 rope operation. Its electric winder with generator function offers even better ergonomics with a take-off force of up to 650 kg. For this there is a rope rupture device with auto-pickup and track roller monitoring.

Hochleitner-5000 hybrid plus31498
BW500 Hybrid
  • Mainline spooling with electric motor / generator
  • Extremely rugged construction
  • Most powerful Bergwald Carriage


The special use of double hybrid carriages has been developed for customers placing special value on environmentally friendly timber harvesting. Such use enables a 'floating' of the timber, therefore offering an exceptionally gentle method of work. The  delivery load of the pull and return rope of the rope crane is determined. SUal carriage use offer ergonomic working with very high efficiency. 


  • Lifting hight is not limited as there is no lifting drum.
  • Higher lifting force due to direct hoisting from mobile cable crane/cable winch.
  • Faster lifting speed due to direct hoisting from mobile cable crane/cable winch.
  • Up to 50% lower weight.
  • No cutting of the mainline in the hoist drum is possible.
  • Shortening of the mainline does not alter the lifting height.
  • If the mainline ruptures, the clamping mechanism activates immediately.
  • Thanks to the clamping device the carriage does not shift position when pulling a load.
  • No change in lifting force (no storage drum which is full or empty).Angular to horizontal pulling is possible without any problem.