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FH Winches

The Franz Hochleitner (FH) Constant Winch was developed with the aim of minimising rope wear, whilst maintaining a constant pulling force and a long reach. Proudly, in 2008 it was awarded the KWF Innovation Award.

Hydraulically driven the winch is powered by the vehicle's hydraulics (open circuit). The rope is driven by a very generously dimensioned wedge disc, and then stored without load on the cable storage, thus suffering no bruising or damage.

The FH winch can be easily adapted for various applications. Since 2017, this has included the use as a traction auxiliary winch.

Working alongside our partners: Forest Machine Services Ltd (FMS) in the North, and T J Hyde Engineering with B Powell Forestry Ltd in the South, we are excited to bring these excellent Franz Hochleitner winches to the UK.  Please get in touch to discuss further, and arrange a working demonstration here in the UK.


With the new generation of FH constant pull winch, individual solutions are possible. It is ideal for excavator use, due to its compact and modern design. The integrated control, a level detection of the storage drum, as well as only one necessary hydraulic slide, ensures an easy application. With its large wedge diameter and the load-free storage of the rope on the drum, a very rope-friendly operation is ensured.

  • Perfect high performance forestry winch
  • With the FH-Traction aid kit, it is also usable as a traction winch
  • For use with open hydraulic circuits
  • Easy to set up
  • Originally design for mounting on an excavator boom,
  • Can also be mounted in forwarder frame
  • Storage drum can be used as separate unit also

Possible Aplications...

Forwarder mounted:

Franzhoch const-excavator

Excavator mounted:

Franzhoch const-forwarder


Since 2017, the FH constant winch with its double wedge disc is now also available as TRACTION WINCH attachment unit. The add-on unit is suitable for mounting on harvesters, forwarders, skidders, caterpillars and much more. Since all components, including the hydraulics and the FH TRACTION LCD CONTROL UNIT, are mounted in an add-on unit, the engagement with the carrier machine is minimal. Due to the minimal modification of the carrier machine, an add-on unit can also be easily used for different machines.

The TWFH120 can support both the carrier machine and an external traction winch to support another machine on a slope. The FH traction winch control offers many possibilities. Like all FH constant winches, the TWFH120 can also be used as a recoil. 

  • Universal mounting kit
  • Easy attachment to all machines with open hydraulic oil circuit
  • No modifications to the base machine necessary
  • Can be used as as extension winch or external traction auxiliary winch
  • Applicable as high performance skidding winch
  • Usable as full-fledged reverses
  • With FH Traction Winch Control system

Possible Aplications...

Harvester mounted:

Franzhoch 120 harvester

Excavator mounted:

Franzhoch 120 excavator

Skidder mounted:

Franzhoch 120 skidder

Tractor mounted:

Franzhoch 120 tractor

Crawler mounted:

Franzhoch 120 crawler


In the THFH150, the FH constant winch system of the double wedge disc has now been adapted for large rope diameters and equipped with the new FH traction winch control. Thus, even the largest machines can safely move on steep slopes. Millimeter-precise shunting of the machine on the steepest gradients or exact positioning of loads is playfully possible. With a safety factor of 5, this winch offers maximum safety.

  • Use as a traction winch, for all pulling applications, and additionally for the building and construction sector
  • Wedge plate design - always constant pulling force
  • High traction even at low working pressures.
  • Two independent units to suit all installations
  • Storage drum with active rope spooling and rope pressure roller for ideal winding
  • Wedge disc and rollers are suitable for strongest and high density ropes.


The FH Traction Winch Control system allows the use of all FH new generation constant winches as a traction auxiliary winch, for all machines with open hydraulic oil circuits.

No interventions on the secured vehicle are necessary. Thus, this winch is also ideal for building as an external traction assist winch. The generous valve technology ensures efficient drive, innovative energy management and thus energy savings.

Convenient tension pre-selection and monitoring of the parameters in real time, is possible via display or radio. Intrinsically safe valve technology ensures the safety of the machine in the event of hydraulic failure.

With the FH Traction Winch Control, the winch can continue to be used as a recoil. Hereby the full performance of the FH constant winch is preserved.

Customer-specific adaptations are easily possible!

  • Can be used with every FH winch
  • Forest winch application still maintained
  • All FH traction winches can be used with the machine they are mounted on, or as an external traction winch
  • Easy adjustment of the pulling force, with real time parameter control
  • Can be operated with the display or with remote control
  • Intrinsically safe hydraulic valves ensure the safety, even with hydraulic malfunction
  • Customer specific changes are easily made