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The Pfanzelt Maschinenbau company has been producing forest technology for over 30 years. Initially focusing on the production and mounting of simple geared cable winches for 3-point, quick-fit and fixed attachment to agricultural tractors.

With constantly increasing production volumes of cable winches, in 1996 the forwarding trailers were added to the range. Over the years, the product mix has been further extended to become the widest of any European forestry machine manufacturer, and contains much more than add-on tools for agricultural tractors and conversions of these. In 2001, Pfanzelt began to produce tractors of its own and now manufactures three different vehicle models for agriculture and forestry.

The Pfanzelt brand is renowned for the quality of production, innovative design, and a heavy focus on safety.


Hydraulic Geared Winches

The S-line is the entry line of hydraulically powered 3-point linkage winches. This is the range most applicable to the UK market, although the even more advanced Profi range introduce double drum options, and greater pulling power,as well as some additional technical features.

There are three sizes in the Sline range: S150 (5 tonne), S160 (6.1 tonne), and S172 (7.2 tonne). Reliability and durability is guaranteed by the precision worm gear  and the multi-disc sintered plate sets. A radio remote control is delivered as standard.


  • Very low cable payout forces of only 30 N by mounting the cable drum in the direction of travel
  • Minimum traction drop of only 21% (with standard equipment)
  • Precision steering of braking and gear shifting process by multi-disc plate set
  • Pfanzelt PPS precision controller for adapting the cable winch to the forwarding situation in three stages
  • Wireless control as standard with engine speed adjustment function
  • Custom-made accessories: Cable distribution with cable infeed brake, hydromechanical cable payout, PTB automated trailing drum brake, various shield widths, and much more.

Timber Forwarding Trailers

Pfanzelt forwarding trailers are divided into three product groups: S-line, Profi and logLINE.

The middle Profi range is the most popular, offering payloads between 9 to 15 tonne. Trailers are built to customer specification, featuring:

  • Central-tube frame for maximum stability
  • Frame extension (2 metres) and sliding axles for optimum weight distribution combined with a high degree of load flexibility
  • Licenced for public roads for 25 km/h or 40 km/h with CoC document (depends on the equipment)
  • Hydraulic pivoting drawbar with 2 cylinders
  • Powerful loading cranes made for professionals with an operational range of up to 10 metres and a hoisting force of 7 mt featuring a rapid traverse valve for even faster telescopic extension
  • A-column or H-column stabilisers for optimum parking stability even in difficult terrain
  • The operating console on the draw bar is optimally configured for ease of use.
  • Large range of options for forestry professionals, including UNIdrive or hydraulic wheel hub drive, indepant oil supply. removable brash pans, crane upgades, wheel options, cable cranes and lighting.

Moritz FR70/75

The Moritz is a mighty and impressive piece of equipment, all fitted into a neat little package (1.4 tonne excluding implements). It is a multifunctional, remote-controlled implement carrier for forestry and landscape maintenance.

Originally designed for felling and forwarding, it is an especially useful felling aid for undertaking winch work on on steep and dangerous ground, allowing the operator to keep well clear of the risk zone. As well as on those sites demanding a high level of safety, as well as sites such as SSSI requiring a low ground impact.

A redevelopment on the now discontinued FR50, the newer Moritz offers further technological advancement, and greater power. The new 4-cylinder DEUTZ engines generate a high torque (max. 260 Nm) and now boast 36.4 or 55.4 kW.

  • Powerful and energy-efficient four-cylinder engine
  • Large ground clearance of 320 mm
  • Optimal climbing ability
  • Proportional travel drive and drift adjustment to compensate for the slope downforce across the slope
  • Variable chassis for easy transport and perfect stability with automatically and hydraulically tensioned double guide wheel
  • Low ground pressure of only 0.28 or 0.33 kg/cm²
  • Separate traction, on-board, and power hydraulics
  • Full vehicle and cable winch control via radio
  • The build is customisable, with optional PTO drive, 1 tonne auxillary winches
  • Range of attachments, including Pfanzelt hydraulically powered winches betwen 5 to 7.2 tonne or the Pfanzelt MAX forestry mulcher. Een a Forestry plante or Strip seeding machine, as well as options to fit a host of third party implements.

Loading Cranes

Pfanzelt forestry cranes are designed for professional duty. The range includes cranes for mounting on standard tractors and specialist forestry tractors for forwarding short and long timber.

  • Modern and powerful professional crane with reach up to 10 m and 12 mt lifting force.
  • Crane tested according to load class B4 for durability
  • Slewing gear housing made of cast metal provides even more strength.
  • Concealed hoses up to the crane tip for maximum protection against damage
  • Crane pins with brass bushes for daily duty
  • Quick action valve for rapid telescopic extension
  • Various grippers for each application: Log grippers, 4-finger grippers, earth grippers.

MySelf Recovery Winch

The 5 tonne MySelf front-mounted recovery winch has been especially designed to recover vehicles or other items of equipment. The simply mounted, hydraulically actuated cable winch for the quick-coupling 3-point link. This means the attachment can be mounted and removed in a matter of minutes for recovery jobs.

  • Rapid attachment via quick-coupling 3-point mounting
  • Secure locking for highest degree of safety
  • Claw coupling for rapid cable pay out
  • Low tractive force loss from top to bottom cable layer.