TR24-AQ Mechanical Felling Wedge

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TR24 Mechanical Felling Wedge

The TR24-AQ is a mechanical felling wedge that was specially designed for use with smaller impact wrenches.

With a weight of only 2 kg, a lifting height of 4 cm and a pressure force of approx. 12 tons, it is ideally suited for cutting medium-strength wood for the harvester or on steep slopes.

The TR24-AQ is recommended for use with the Milwaukee M12 FIWF12 impact wrench, since it generates a very remarkable torque of 330 Nm for its low weight. The new TR24-AQ weighs only 3.5 kg in a set with the Milwaukee 12V cordless impact wrench and a 12V 4Ah battery and can therefore be worn comfortably on the forest belt.

It is also possible to easily use this model with ratchet drive.

Now brand new with KWF professional marking!

For more information and to see a working video, please visit our Forstreich Felling Wedge page.

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Bare Unit, With Milwaukee CHWIF34


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