Forestry Contracting

Forestry Contracting

We are independent contractors, offering services direct to the landowner - there is no middle man. In this way we are able to offer the most competitive rates and increased efficiency via direct communication routes.

With over 30 years of experience in forestry and tree care, we have the necessary expertise in all things timber. All types of operations are undertaken, from mechanised harvesting, to skyline extraction, to forwarder extraction to man on the ground.

Work is undertaken on clearfell, windblown and thinning sites for all categories of clients, whether state forests or private woodlands. No volume of timber is too big or too small.


Our wide range of Machinery and Equipment ensures we can offer solutions for all kinds of access problems and difficult terrains, enabling us to manage our work and time efficiently. We are also able to offer a range of in house forestry and tree related Services.


Our extensive experience means we can safely operate on all levels of terrain, to include steep inaccessible slopes and wet peatlands. We specialise in difficult terrains, and do so competently and safely.

Route To Market

We also operate alongside experienced and reliable timber hauliers to ensure a timely removal of roadside timber. 

We have well established working relationships with the mills and local timber buyers, offering excellent routes into the market for all our client’s timber.

We aim to make economical use of all produce from forestry operations, the higher grade timber is cut in a way to minimise cuts to the timber and make for quality produce, and where possible we utilise brash produce for biomass markets.

Covering Mid and North Wales, and the Shropshire borders, we also  carry out contracts much further afield. We are happy to discuss your project whatever your requirements. Please feel free to contact Alan direct.

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