TR300 Remote Controlled Felling Wedge


TR2300 Remote Controlled Felling Wedge

The remote-controlled felling wedge TR 300 is the next revolution in the field of felling aids! Based on the TR30-AQ, a safe remote control, a torque arm and sensors have been integrated, which automatically recognize the front and rear end positions of the felling wedge. With the carrying strap, the remote-controlled felling wedge can be comfortably carried over the shoulder. The rear handle enables the felling wedge to be positioned precisely in the felling cut.

The great advantage of this felling wedge is that any tree can be felled from a safe distance. After sawing the felling cut and attaching the remote-controlled felling wedge, the forestry worker can go straight into the backing and start the felling from a safe distance. Especially when it comes to high-risk felling, the remote-controlled felling wedge provides previously unknown safety advantages, not to mention the better ergonomics. Because with the remotely controlled felling wedge, the felling process itself does not cost the forest worker any effort. Because of the reduced effort during felling, the forest worker will be less exhausted. And less physical exhaustion helps make fewer mistakes on a long and hard day’s work.

On March 31, 2019, the TR300 received the KWF professional marking.

For more information and to see a working video, please visit our Forstreich Felling Wedge page.

Max. Pressure: 25 tonne
Weight without battery: 9.2 kgSystem weight: 10.2 kg (remote-controlled felling wedge TR300, 1x battery 5.0)
Length: 800mm  Width: 130mm  Height: 150mm
Lift height: 60 mm

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