KRPAN Wheel Chains


Chain for special vehicles, intended for storage and removal of wood. Due to a combination of forged ”S” shaped parts and rings, it is intended for work in difficult conditions, mainly on rocky and harder surfaces.

• Distinguished by minimal sideways sliding, good tyre protection and minimal damage to the surface on which it is used;

• Made of special alloy steel and fully heat treated, which extends its life span additionally;

• Available in 11 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm and 18 mm versions;

• The chain has a tensioning system, which enables use on all types of tyres and adjustment to worn tyres;

• Due to its construction and forged parts, it cleans itself during driving;

• Installation instructions and spare parts are included.

Packaging: 1 pair in a wooden crate

All Veriga wheel chains are made to order, please contact us with your wheel size, so we can provide you with a quote.