GB 17″ Harvester Bar FM2-17-80XV

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GB Harvester Bar FM2-17-80XV

” / 54 cm



SOLD IN PACKS OF 5 BARS (contact us if you require less than 5 bars)

The newly designed GB® Titanium® -XV® professional harvester bar now comes with a 15 tooth nose sprocket, which allows for higher chain tensions that improve efficiency. The patented 15 tooth sprocket and unique oil feeder grooves work together to reduce friction and wear which extends the life of the tip. 2.0mm/0.080″

Ultra high strength Titanium alloy steel bar body reduces bending and has been proven to be the strongest harvester bar available. 

 SKU: FM2-17-80XV
Oregon Prt No: 542RHFL104, 542HSFL104, 542SMRQ104
Gem 404542
Iggesund Part No: 2701-54
Cannon Part No: CHA-A1-21-80-4
John Deere F697310 , F679275
Replaceable Nose Prt No:  GB15XV