Pfanzelt Logging Trailers

Logging Trailers

Pfanzelt forwarding trailers are divided into three product groups in accordance with requirements: S-line, Profi and logLINE.

The range offers customised solutions designed to fulfil every task in relation to meeting the growing need for wood as a raw material, whether as lumber or biomass. The challenge, whether loading or transporting big or small loads, is always to be able to work efficiently and ergonomically.

We've listed below the models available in all three series. For further information please contact us or visit the Pfanzelt website.


S-Line Logging Trailer

The Pfanzelt S-line forwarding trailer is especially designed for use by private forest owners. With its low profile design, hydraulic overrun brake and licensing for speeds up to 40 km/h on public roads, the S-line forwarding trailer is a universal machine with the same underlying engineering as the professional forwarding trailer.

An important criterion when buying a forwarding trailer is the safety equipment. Pfanzelt forwarding trailers offer all safety features required by KWF, FPA and the BG. The hydraulic overrun brake enables loaded road travel at speeds up to 40 km/h. The operating console on the draw bar offers a well organised work station. The joystick control provided as standard with its two electrical functions ensures that the operator can always operate the crane ergonomically.

Technical details that impress:

  • Load carrying capacity in standing timber of 6, 9.2 or 11.0 t
  • Double frame made of special steel
  • Low design height for combination with smaller tractors
  • Licensed for public roads for 25 and 40 km/h
  • Modern and powerful Profi crane with 6.7, 7.2 or 8 m reach
  • Heavy duty slewing gear for powerful pivoting, even uphill
  • Concealed hoses protected against damage
  • Independent hydraulic oil supply with protected piston pump installed in the draw bar (optional)
  • Accessories for forestry professionals: Long frame version, crane cable winch

Profi Logging Trailer

Requirements for modern logging trailers vary greatly depending on the respective area of application. Pfanzelt  offers the most extensive range of logging trailers on the market. As a result,  users have the opportunity to configure a professional Pfanzelt logging  trailer to suit their individual needs. 

With the modular system, the user can choose between the following options:

  • Load-bearing capacity of 9 to 19 t
  • Extensive range of professional cranes with up to 10 m reach in various lifting classes
  • Oil supplied by tractor or by a  separate oil supply featuring a  high-quality axial-piston pump

Technical details that impress:

  • Central-spar frame for maximum stability
  • Frame extension and sliding axle for best weight distribution combined with great load flexibility
  • Licensed on public roads for 25 and 40 km/h
  • Powerful loading cranes made for professionals with a reach of up  to 10 metres and a hoisting force  of 7 m/t with a rapid traverse  valve for even faster telescopic  extension
  • A-column or H-column stabilisers for optimum parking stability even  in difficult terrain
  • Workplace with clear all-round view due to the location the operating panel on the draw bar or the  side-mounted high seat
  • Large range of accessories for forestry professionals

LogLINE Logging Trailer

With the most extensive forwarding trailer range on the market, Pfanzelt offers every professional user the option to put together a customised forwarding trailer according to his own specific requirements. 

The forwarding trailers of the logLINE series with a permitted total weight of 14, 16 or 19 t offers powerful professional technology for forestry contractors. Equipped with a 7 m/t class forestry crane, the forwarding trailer is optimised for heavy duty logging.

Technical details that impress:

  • Load capacity on non-public roads 13 - 17 t
  • Reinforced central tubular frame with frame slide
  • Operating permit for public roads up to 25, 40 or 50 km/h (depending on the total weight with selected braking system)
  • Optional with spring-loading steerable draw bar (L16 and L19 only)
  • Modern and powerful professional crane with reach up to 10 m and 7 m/t lifting force
  • A-column support for optimum parking stability
  • Two large storage bins for lashing belts and tools
  • Accessories for flexible application: Wheel hub drive, crane cable winch etc.