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Mitsubishi Tractors resonates quality and reliability.



The all new 4WD Mitsubishi MTU26 is a fully hydrostatic compact tractor, all Japenese built with the latest genuine Mitsubishi tier 5 engine. Reliable and powerful.

Built for Fruit farms, Vineyards, Orchards, Sports Grounds, Land management, Estates and Small Plot Farming.

Solidly built, it weighs in at over a tonne, with the latest safety features. It is 1400mm wide and 3080mm in length for increased stability.

It gives you the freedom to perform multi-applications, without any compromise. The Mitsubishi MTU26 is small in size but big on true tractor features:

  • Powerful: 26HP 3 cylinder genuine Mitsubishi latest tier 5 engine with heavy duty chassis
  • Stronger: 780kg lifting capacity (at 3 point linkage) with 2 PTO speeds of 540 and 1,000rpm
  • Faster: Speeds up to 24kph
  • Maneuverability: Amazing turning circle of 2.4 meters
  • Durable:All made in Japan
  • Reliable:Mitsubishi Tractors factory three-year warranty
  • Choice agricultural or turf tyres available
  • Front Loader and attachments available