TR30 Felling Wedge

TR30 Mechanical Felling Wedge

The heavier duty TR30 has been designed as an alternative to strenuous wedging when felling thicker stems of wood, yet still featuring the same compact and light design weighing only 5.2 kg and giving a compressive force of up to 15 tonnes.

The wedge is made of aluminium and tough polyamide, complete with an articulated telescopic ratchet.

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NEW MODEL! The TR30-AQ ...

The TR 30AQ is the next step of development in the field of felling aids! The TR30AQ has been specially designed for use with cordless impact wrenches. The aim was to develop a robust and lightweight felling wedge, since of course the cordless impact wrench adds further weight. The result is the TR 30AQ with the proven components of the mechanical felling wedge plus the Milwaukee M18 CHWIF34 cordless impact wrench.

The Milwaukee CHWIF34 is characterised by a good weight distribution, a high torque and a very robust construction. In numerous practical tests, the Milwaukee had its nose in the lead!

Forstreich's TR30-AQ leads the way against the rest in terms of performance, lifting height and weight.

TR30-AQ Einsatz[1]
TR 30 AQ Spec

NB: The Forstreich mechanical wedge does not offer a replacement for wire ropes, winches or other safety systems. Only to be used on trees that may otherwise be felled by regular wedges. Should only be used by trained and competent professionals.