Sawn Timber

We generally cut our sawn wood orders to demand, meaning we can offer you a highly bespoke service, especially if you are looking for a specific length or very certain dimensions. Our mill is capable of sawing up to 9 meters in length.

We primarily use Larch in our mill, which is well known for its durable natural qualities.

Occassioanly we have stocks of cladding or posts already in stock, if you just want the odd piece. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, or feel free to drop in!

Sawmilling Service

We also offer a contract sawmilling service, if you have a fallen timber of your own to make into something beautiful. We can possibly also help with collection and the delivery of your final sawn product if needed.



Current Sawn Timber Stock:

Yew Slabs

Yew 1
Yew 2
Yew 1a

Oak Slabs