Machinery & Equipment

Our Machinery & Equipment

We own and operate a wide variety of machinery and equipment. This means we can undertake  all necessary forestry work without having to rely on subcontractors to complete work.  

Our wide range of equipment features:

  • Purpose built and adapted excavator harvesters.
  • A range of forwarders of varying sizes to suit sites with both easy and difficult access.
  • A fully trained and competent skyline team, with skyline, skidded tractor and winches, which means we have the expertise for working on steep sites other contractors either cannot or do not want to work on. Excavators for necessary groundworks for pre, ongoing and post site preparations.
  • A high powered drum chipper driven by 330hp Valtra tractor designed for biomass production and efficient and quality brash conversion. Where worthwhile we will look at making use of brash produce for biomass energy use.
  • A range of smaller self propelled and PTO driven chippers designed  for both volume reduction.
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